The ninth contest was the third winners’ edition, and featured three countries that had made it there on their first try (Turkey, Portugal and Canada) and three returning ones. The jury was faithful to the five former Eurovision entrants and voted all of them to the super final. Canada overall winning the first round was a huge surprise, but in the final round, it was a tight competition between Turkey and Portugal, the former winning the first votes 8-7-2 but eventually losing after Canada’s supporters defected to Portugal instead in the revote.


Date 2017-10-22
Winner Portugal
New countries n/a
Languages total 7
Local language entries 10
Jurors 18


# Country Artist Song Final Round 1
1 Turkey Demet Akalın feat. Gökhan Özen Nefsi Müdafaa 9
2 Portugal Dulce Pontes Canção do mar 1 1
3 Japan Hitomi Shimatani Shinku 8
4 Middle East Humood AlKhuder Kun Anta 12
5 Italy Mari I Love You From My Soul 11
6 Canada The Treble Wherever You Go 4
7 Turkey Sertab Erener Vur Yüreğim 2 3
8 Portugal Rebeca Meu nome é Rebeca 7
9 Japan Kalafina Believe 5
10 Middle East Aidin Yousefi Kaashki 6
11 Italy Virginelle Fantasy (Japanese Works) 10
12 Canada Anggun, Julie Zenatti, Lisa Angell, Lorie Pester, Natasha St-Pier & Sara Carreira La légende des fées 3 2