From the seventh contest on, UFOPOP editions have had their own visual designs, including a logo. The theme this time was national specialities. A scandal occurred when in the end of the first round, Canada and Sweden were tied for the third place and a tiebreak had to be used. It was decided in favor of Canada, which, in retrospect, proved correct because there had actually been an error in the scoreboard that had contributed to the tie. A place in the super final was a great success for Canada which had been considered an underdog and was also hindered by the early draw, which it overcame to become the first country to qualify from being first in the running order. Newcomer Turkey won the super final in a convincing fashion.


Date 2015-10-04
Winner Turkey
New countries 3
Languages total 5
Local language entries 9
Jurors 15


# Country Artist Song Final Round 1
1 Canada Céline Dion When the Wrong One Loves You Right 9
2 Iceland Páll Óskar International 9
3 Japan Rin’ Asuka 6
4 Turkey Ozan Doğulu feat. Ajda Pekkan & Kenan Doğulu Harika 7
5 Finland Brother Firetribe For Better or Worse 11
6 Sweden CC & Lee Honey 8
7 Canada Joée Angel 3 3
8 Iceland Sigur Rós Starálfur 12
9 Japan Valshe TRIP×TRICK 2 5
10 Turkey Berksan feat. Hande Yener Haberi var mı? 1 1
11 Finland Heidi Kyrö Fillarikesä 2
12 Sweden Zara Larsson Uncover 4