The second winners’ edition had a strange mix of countries. The previous year’s dominant Netherlands suffered an India-like collapse to last place. Korea scored its second victory, with the largest margin to date. A political conflict occurred halfway through the contest when Russia invaded half of Ukraine and sent their Eurovision winner to team with the returning Ukrainian entrant whom he had previously beat in ESC, but the tables turned this time. Another politically interesting duo was Middle East where Lebanon was paired with Israel. Both of their artists were related to ESC 2005, although Lebanon ended up withdrawing.


Date 2014-10-11
Winner Korea
New countries n/a
Languages total 6
Local language entries 7
Jurors 8


# Country Artist Song Final Round 1
1 Ukraine Ani Lorak Zazhigaj Zjerdtse 6
2 Netherlands Edsilia Rombley & Ruth Jacott Uit het oog niet uit mijn hart 7
3 Japan jun Kimono Princess 2
4 Korea CNBLUE Wëthorija 8
5 Italy Vanessa Diamond Eyes 5
6 Middle East Shiri Maimon Le’an She Lo Telkhi 2 3
7 Russia Dima Bilan Bolen Toboj 9
8 Netherlands Ch!pz Kung Fu Beat 12
9 Japan Ken Hirai Fake Star 11
10 Korea Ailee Pojôzulke 1 1
11 Italy Libra A Second Chance 3 4
12 Middle East Aline Lahoud It’s Over 10