The new decade started with slight changes. First of all, the rule that a country can’t participate in two consecutive editions was lifted. Secondly, the way the jurors’ scores are combined was slightly revised to emphasize what is liked as opposed to what is disliked. This also seemed to cause ties.

Three new countries (and ”countries”) participated, and it was one of them who won: Yugoslavia, with entries from Serbia and Croatia. Finland flopped again, despite winning the first round (tied with Italy). Korea showed an alternative/ethnic side of itself that wasn’t particularly well received.


Date 2018-11-11
Winner Yugoslavia
New countries 3
Languages total 7
Local language entries
Jurors 12


# Country Artist Song Final Round 1
1 China Wulan Tuya Standing in the Meadows of Beijing 7
2 Caucasus Suro & Apeh Jan Im Arev U Lusin 11
3 Yugoslavia Željko Joksimović Ludak kao ja 1 3
4 Finland Saara Aalto Don’t Deny Our Love 12
5 Italy Elly All Eyes on Me 8
6 Korea Danpyunsun and the Sailors National Anthem 4
7 China Yisa Yu The Horizon 3 4
8 Caucasus Fərid Həsənov Yaşa 6
9 Yugoslavia Severina Brad Pitt 8
10 Finland Beast in Black Blind and Frozen 1
11 Italy Victim of Love D. Essex 2 1
12 Korea SWYZII feat. Park Aeri Arirang 10