UFOPOP is a roughly annual music competition that I have hosted since 2008. In each edition, I choose two songs from six different countries (or regions) around the world and invite friends over to grade them. The scores received by each country’s two songs are added together, and the higher scoring entry of the three overall most popular countries advance to the super final, in which the winner is decided in two rounds of voting. The super finalist countries also qualify to a special edition (every third year) where they compete again with new songs against each other and the other year’s winners. Every tenth edition is a best-of contest which is the only one where past entries return.

Contest Date 1st 2nd 3rd
UFOPOP 1 2008-02-10 Japan Italy Korea
UFOPOP 2 2009-09-27 India UK USA
UFOPOP 3 2012-01-21 Korea USA Japan
UFOPOP 4 2012-09-29 Japan Ukraine Middle East
UFOPOP 5 2013-09-22 Netherlands Korea Italy
UFOPOP 6 2014-10-11 Korea Middle East Italy
UFOPOP 7 2015-10-04 Turkey Japan Canada
UFOPOP 8 2016-10-23 Middle East Portugal Italy
UFOPOP 9 2017-10-22 Portugal Turkey Canada
UFOPOP 10 2018-04-15 Middle East Korea Turkey
UFOPOP 11 2018-11-11 Yugoslavia Italy China
UFOPOP 12 2019-11-09 Korea